PMW ltd are a leading Essex based independent specialist for all BMW, BMW Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi Group (VAG) vehicles. All our technicians are factory trained with over 120 years of combined experience.

We specialise in servicing, repair, diagnostics, 4-wheel computerised alignment, tyre supply & fitting, air conditioning and MOT testing.

All vehicles are serviced to surpass manufacturers specifications, using only manufacturer-recommended parts and lubricants (with prior consent we may use OE specification parts where necessary). A quality service at a fraction of main dealer price, all undertaken without any compromise. Please feel free to pay us a visit.

Our brake examination includes the measurement of wear on brake pads and brake discs/drums/shoes compared to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our aim is to provide the best possible advice to help you restore the condition and efficiency of your braking system to the manufacturer’s original specification.


When a vehicle is designed, the manufacturer sets out a service schedule for the car, which they believe will keep it running reliably and safely. On the majority of modern day vehicles, the service information is typically accessed through the on-board computer or instrument cluster. This information will give you an outstanding mile/time read out before work(s) are required.

When the time comes, we’re here to help make sure your pride and joy continues to perform at its optimum and remains safe and reliable on the road.

If any ‘additional’ work is noted during the service/ inspection, the customer will be informed and notified of all costs. It is then at the customer’s discretion, based on the information given, whether or not to go ahead with further repairs. Only once the customer has authorised any additional work will we proceed.

In any event, the customer will receive a fully itemised VAT invoice, together with a service sheet detailing operations carried out during the service. Where service requirement dictates, we will carry out diagnostic checks on the vehicle and where necessary re-set the service indicator to reflect the service operation carried out.