Corrosion Protection for your BMW, Mini, Mercedes

Here at PMW; we are always thinking about keeping your pride and joy in it’s very best condition, at all times. This may be mechanical/electrical or could also be from an anti-corrosion perspective.

We work closely with Dinitrol; a German company with decades of experience, producing highly specialised spray on systems for corrosion protection. Since using the products on offer from Dinitrol, we have transformed hundreds of vehicles that had been suffering from neglect of the underbody by cleaning, treating and applying the Dinitrol product to create the necessary barrier (with corrosion inhibitors) and help prevent corrosion that can lead on to structural failure.

This does not just affect older vehicles; we have applied Dinitrol products to many new vehicles because vehicle manufactures generally do not treat the body shell with sealing wax containing rust inhibitors from factory these days. This can lead to accelerated corrosion and premature failure/perforation of a structural body panel. Generally, once corrosion is noticed/evident it is too late to cost effectively and competently treat the area and retrospectively apply dinitrol treatments.

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