Vehicle underbody
protection treatment – Dinitrol

Protect your vehicle from corrosion with a Dintrol car rust proofing coating. Our professional underbody coatings provide the perfect vehicle underseal solution by forming a tough film resistant layer against stone-chips, gravel, road debris, road surface rain water and water ingress during harsh weather conditions. Car rust proofing is becoming increasing popular due to various vehicle manufactures no longer wax proofing to the levels we once had back in the 80’s. It is estimated that approximately 10 million vehicles worldwide are treated with Dinitrol corrosion prevention products every year.

Many vehicle owners, especially in rural areas are now looking to protect their vehicles by applying a rust proofing underbody coating, especially with the unpredictable weather conditions in recent times. We recommend once a vehicle has received a full treatment it should be returned every 2 years (every year for an off-road vehicle) for an interim inspection to make sure any damage in the corrosion protection coating layer are professionally assessed, repaired and treated.

Why not visit PMW Ltd, a Dinitrol rust proofing treatment provider today for a professional vehicle rust inspection. To make an appointment, please contact the PMW team on 01245 496739. We also provide rust prevention treatments for classic cars and 4x4 off-road vehicles including classic Land Rover’s.

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