Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance

When a vehicle is designed, the manufacturer sets out a service schedule for the car, which they believe will keep it running reliably and safely. On the majority of modern day vehicles, the service information is typically accessed through the on-board computer or instrument cluster. This information will give you an outstanding mile/time read out before work(s) are required.

When the time comes, we’re here to help make sure your pride and joy continues to perform at its optimum and remains safe and reliable on the road.

If any ‘additional’ work is noted during the service/inspection, the customer will be informed and notified of all costs. It is then at the customer’s discretion, based on the information given, whether or not to go ahead with further repairs. Only once the customer has authorised any additional work will we proceed.

In any event, the customer will receive a fully itemised VAT invoice, together with a service sheet detailing operations carried out during the service. Where service requirement dictates, we will carry out diagnostic checks on the vehicle and where necessary re-set the service indicator to reflect the service operation carried out.

No gimmicks, just honest, reliable and efficient service for you and your vehicle.

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Brake Checks

Our brake examination includes the measurement of wear on brake pads and brake discs/drums/shoes compared to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our aim is to provide the best possible advice to help you restore the condition and efficiency of your braking system to the manufacturer’s original specification.

Please contact us for further advice and information.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning systems require servicing on a regular basis (typically 2 years) to ensure that when you most need your air conditioning, the system functions correctly.

Air conditioning systems will naturally lose charge over a period of time, therefore making it imperative that the system is regularly serviced and inspected. Indications of an poorly functioning air conditioning system are:

  • Sporadic heater/A/C system operation
  • A/C system inoperative
  • A/C system functioning but not very cold/efficient
  • Bad smell from heater vents - anti-bacterial and deodoriser spray required

Air conditioning servicing is available from as little as £29.99 + VAT.

Please contact us for further advice and information.

Engine Management / Diagnostic Checks

Our fully equipped workshop has all the necessary up to date diagnostic equipment to communicate with your vehicle and rectify any running faults. We have dealer-specification diagnostic equipment supplied by Autologic for BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, together with Bosch KTS 570 and Snap On Verdict diagnostics for other leading brand vehicles.

Having the necessary level of diagnostic equipment is a must with the magnitude of technology on modern day vehicles, it also comes down to experience. Working on the brand and with over 60 years of high level experience on BMW, BMW Mini, Mercedes-Benz and VAG, this is where the PMW team excel in the field of ‘specialists’ and franchised dealers alike.

You can be sure that the combination of up to date diagnostic equipment and fully qualified technicians means your vehicle will be diagnosed in a professional and competent manner that saves both time and money.

ABS, Traction, Transmission SRS and Body Diagnostics

No matter which vehicle electrical system you are having trouble with, we can expertly diagnose in a professional and competent manner. Aided by our up to date dealer-specification diagnostic equipment, we can quickly get to the route of your problem(s).

Please contact us for further advice and information.


This is a thixotropic external underbody anti-rust fluid, which provides long term resistance against corrosion and abrasion, even under severe conditions. It provides a tough elastic waxy protective coating. The wax film is resistant to repair and body shop oven temperatures.

Please contact us for further advice and information.

Computerised Wheel Alignment

A vehicle's geometry/alignment will require adjustment from time to time. Whether this is following a suspension/steering repair, to rectify uneven tyre wear or the steering wheel not being centralised, we are here to help.

With our state of the art Hunter DSP 600 4 wheel alignment bay, we are able to re-align the vehicle back to the original factory specification (where possible) assuming no serious accident damage or worn suspension components.


Most tyre replacement companies can perform re-alignments but all they generally do is ensure that the front wheels track correctly with basic equipment. This is not an accurate solution and can still lead to abnormal tyre wear and poor handling characteristics.

Computer four-wheel alignment will measure each wheel individually and then display current readings to allow adjustment within manufacturers specification which will transform your vehicle's handling characteristics, tyre wear and fuel efficiency.

Any of the following situations can affect both the cornering and straight line performance of a vehicle:

  • New steering and suspension parts installed
  • Damage caused by an accident
  • Driving over pot-holes or hitting kerbs
  • Incorrect tracking adjustments
  • Installing different component parts (eg. coil overs)
  • Fitting aftermarket or uprated suspension bushes

The symptoms you may experience are:

  • Pulling to either the right or left hand side of the road
  • The car seems to be unstable when cornering
  • Steering requires frequent work/input via steering wheel
  • Poor traction in corners
  • Steering is unusually light or heavy
  • Steering wheel is not “straight”
  • Excessive tyre wear

Computerised alignment takes approximately 2 hours for diagnostic checks and adjustments. The vehicle is placed on a platform, which allows the wheels to turn while a computer calculates orientation.

The computer compares this to a database of manufacturer specifications for the year, make and model of the car. If the alignment is out of specification, an adjustment is made and checked on the computer screen showing current measurements.

Re-alignment is then followed by recalibration of traction system where necessary and an extensive road test - this can be completed individually, or included with any of our service packages.

Please contact us for further advice and information.

Tyres - Supplying, Fitting & Balancing

PMW work with several tyre suppliers both locally and nationally to supply you, our customer, with the best price for tyre replacement on your vehicle. Whether it's an unexpected MOT failure due to tyre wear/damage or a routine replacement, we are here to help.


Headlamp Polishing

Here at PMW Ltd. we can offer the services of headlamp polishing instead of expensive headlamp replacement. If the headlamp lens is 'cloudy' it can offer a poor light beam pattern and possibly cause an MOT failure. Polished, clear headlamps also make a vast difference to the overall appearance to the motor vehicle. Call the PMW Ltd. team on 01245 496739 for further information or use the contact us tool on our website.


Bilt-Hamber Laboratories - The worlds finest surface care and protection.

PMW Ltd. are proud to announce the stocking of Bilt-Hamber waxes, polishes, clay bars and anti corrosion products to name just a few. Auto Express winners for the last 6 years, Bilt-Hamber has always used extensive research, innovative technology and thorough testing to produce better performing products. Every product release by Bilt-Hamber has been extensively compared to and tested for superiority against market leading and specialist competitive formulations. If you require any further information relating to any Bilt-Hamber products please contact a member of our team.



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