BMW Repairs

PMW uses state-of-the-art dealer specification diagnosis equipment supplied by Autologic and Bosch for all current BMW and Mercedes-Benz models. With the aid of this equipment, quick and accurate fault finding can take place, saving time and money for the customer.

PMW Ltd. will inspect your vehicle and establish exactly what scope of work is required. Customers receive a fully itemised quotation before work begins so you know exactly what you will pay.

Once work commences, we keep you fully informed of progress and of any complications should they arise, so you always know what’s happening with your car and the costs incurred.

Manufacturers we mainly cover:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • VW
  • Porsche

Please note: PMW can also carry out in-house diagnosis on a range of other manufacturers' vehicles with our Bosch KTS 570 diagnostic tool - contact us for further details.